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The Golden Way is the bustling belt of populated asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. The millions of habitats with their envelopes of air and water lend the belt a golden shine that can be seen throughout the whole Solar System. That golden halo gives the Way its name.

The Golden Way is vast. You can find anything there: wonders, horrors, shining cities, sprawling factories...

...and thieves and murderers, too.

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The great starship Angel of Cygnus departed almost four thousand years ago on a mission to tour the stars. It wasn't supposed to return for tens of thousands of years—maybe never.

So what was it doing back in the Solar System, and what happened to the twelve hundred people aboard?

Something was terribly wrong.

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The Return of the Angel, the second book of The Kestrel Chronicles, tells the story of the legendary starship Angel of Cygnus, its tragic voyage and its eerie return as a ghost ship.

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The derelict's beacon was faint. Kestrel nearly missed it. By a stroke of luck, a new crew member noticed it in the ship's pulse.

It seemed like a windfall; a century-old ship, apparently wrecked and abandoned. The salvage rights could be worth a fortune.

There was something waiting aboard the derelict, though. Something alien.

Something patient.

Something hungry.


$2.99 Available now for Kindle

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The Wolf Itself is the first book of The Kestrel Chronicles, an episodic series of stories about the good ship Kestrel, her Captain Esgar Rayleigh, and her crew. In this first tale we meet Kestrel, a few important cast members, and an implacable adversary.